How we created this award-winning sign.

Create unforgettable impact. Wow your potential customers and grow your business.

A sequin sign is a superb signage solution.

These signs are incredibly eye-catching and are made from 1000’s of shimmering mirrored discs, which catch all natural or projected light and throw back a magnified sparkle of brilliantly multi-coloured highlights. They can focus on your logo, and colour palette, and even have added illumination for maximum effect.

Think spangly, fun and dramatic displays, which can be designed to your exact requirements. Stand out from the crowd and start driving business.

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Our Work

Enigma Sequin Signs

Hair & Beauty Bank - Bristol

Enigma Sequin Signs

WO Salon - Torquay

Enigma Sequin Signs

David's Fish and Chips - Brixham

Grand Tiles - Reading

Enigma Sequin Signs

Starlight Bar - Paignton

Enigma Sequin Signs

Ninas Cakey Bakies - Paignton

Enigma Sequin Signs

Bliss Hair & Beauty - Brixham

Enigma Sequin Signs

The Beauty Clinic - Bristol

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